AA Mittelmeerland intensive

For over four years, the AA Visiting School MITTELMEERLAND investigated the future of the Mediterranean, a ‘territory' based on climatic and economic conditions and subject to specific social, political and spatial dynamics and experiences, travelling to six different Mediterranean cities: Dubrovnik, Tangier, Beirut, Algiers, Alexandria and Izmir.

[A]FA invited Medine Altiok to present the projects and reflect on its findings and results. Could we see and learn something new about the Mediterranean? How could a topic be mapped in such a way that would make it possible to individually capture the selected cities and Mediterranean conditions but at the same time make it possible to compare them?

Following the Mittelmeerland presentation and reflections, Medine conducted a workshop with the [A]FA IMMUNA team, mapping techniques for capturing the fishing village based on satellite images and topical narratives….