Sliver Gallery

The Sliver Gallery exhibition took place in one of the interior courtyards of the University of Applied Arts Vienna and presented the dynamic growth plan, “Guabuliga – Well by the Thorn Tree”, surrounded by all the individual mappings that had been done in February 2012. The overarching curatorial strategy was to intersect a Guabuliga compound – a series of round and square rooms arranged around a concentric circle and joined by a compound wall – with the exhibition space. This 1:1 spatial operation resulted in imprints of the Guabuliga compound on the floor and walls of the exhibition courtyard, which were translated into two-dimensional surfaces and abstractions of the compound rooms that were built to create exhibition booths. This exhibition architecture created a unifying concept for the projects in the exhibition and allowed for different exhibition settings for each project. The growth plan was presented horizontally as an animated projection on a 1:1000 topography model of Guabuliga measuring two by two meters.

Baerbel Mueller, Juergen Strohmayer

Juergen Strohmayer