Lab Project

Guabuliga – Well by the Thorn Tree

What was, what is and never again
Sir Black a.k.a Kojo Benedict Quaye



I don’t expect you to forgive me after this oration

And I don’t expect you to forget me

I don’t expect you to get upset

And I don’t expect you to get hurt

I don’t expect you to get affected

And I don’t expect you to get infected

I don’t expect you to get confused

And I don’t expect you to get seduced


Somehow we all got to put on some thinking caps now, cause we got to go up

Far up to reach the height, where we can put on some En-light-ten-ment

Because the 666system has destroyed a lot of people so I ask you

What are we doing about it?


The cradle of all humanity

The nest that bred posterity

The land that founded the colours black, brown, pink and white

Which today informs one’s identity.

However the filthy prosperity of her “developed offspring” aka developed nation had been used to justify the persistent indignity of a dying mother.

The craving is inevitable, but to which end?

Greed only desires dividends.

Greed didn’t only push you to bite the hand that fed you.

It drove you to stomp the womb that gave birth to you.

Nevertheless there is unlimited evidence, typified by your grand agenda exposed right here in the city of Berlin, some one hundred and thirty years ago


Thievery and exploitation is the order of the day.

When we seek justification, Spencer claimed it was human nature

Henry Barry said, we have as much as possible been able to keep the black man at the level of the beast, if we can extinguish their capacity to see the light our work will be complete.

Others say the black race cannot be civilized and so it must be exterminated completely

Well, you “developed children” bleed your mother dry in vivid display,

But it’s ok, as it helped you keep your profound stature.


Having succeeded, you still continue to enslave the motherland,

You take advantage of her Needs and Ignorance, creating synthetic colonial boarders to put her in shackles, disguised in the forms of Grants and foreign Aid, Scholarships and Fellowships, Diplomacy and Democracy, Modernization and Liberalization;

not to mention your iron fist of immigration from brainwashing to “blacksploitation” 

this is to say (black exploitation)

Mind you, many empires have risen and fallen, and that norm won’t change.

Facts remain though; that those that seemed to persist forever were they that fought the temptation to deviate from man’s history and culture.



An everlasting well cannot run dry

Legacies still exist, so that unlike men, truths don’t die.

Man conceals in order to control, but God reveals to redeem.

We the roots of this tree we call humanity, can’t fold our hand in despair and cry

We won’t; we know too well that only the weak seek to find relief in sighs.

A developed offspring who preys on his mother is not a predator, but a pest.

Unfortunately, the cowards and ignorant of today regard this as a conquest


It is absolutely not difficult to tell what the scramble was for, and still is for, is it?

With the insatiable craving for “gold and control” blindingly visible, even to the optically disabled. There is difficulty however, and it’s in the details, what represents your idea of “gold” and “control” or let’s say “go and control”.

Though insufficient, the clear disparity of small haves and a larger have-nots,

The dominance of man lighter colours over darker ones cannot possibly be ignored.


I say to you today 3X Europe!

The “d-evil” is always in the details.

And don’t ask me how?

But if you will, tell me, you will tell them

I told you to tell them ….3X

Those who took away our drum, they are heavily disappointed and surprised they could not take away our dance.



KOJO BENEDICT QUAYE aka SIR BLACK is an African living in Ghana. He is a freestyle spoken-word performance artist and instructor, Co-director of Haduwa Arts and Culture Institute and co-founder of the Ehalakasa spoken-word poetry movement. He works with local, international, and cultural institutions around Africa and Europe.